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Mayank Majeji is the Co-founder & Developer at TheMaverickSpirit. A full stack developer who loves working with WordPress! Develops Themes & Plugins that have one common goal - Keeping it as simple as possible for users to manage them comfortably!!

Social Snap Review – Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin for Bloggers


Today, I am posting my review on Social Snap – a social media sharing WordPress plugin. But before that, I hope you know the importance of sharing your blog updates on social platforms! As Social Media Platforms are the second highest traffic source for the majority of successful businesses and WordPress websites across the internet after Organic traffic. Thus, for every newbie or pro blogger, startup or small businesses, social […]

December Monthly Update Report [2018] Anniversary, New Services, and Earnings!


Welcome to TheMaverickSpirit December 2018 monthly update or roundup report! As promised earlier, in our Monthly Updates Post, we’re here with our Monthly update for the month of December. This is our very first Monthly Roundup Report in 2 years. Despite of an income report, this report talks all about, the important ongoing on TMS like- Blog post updates, Services and Tools we’ve used, Affiliate services that are doing very […]

Gutenberg WordPress Editor – The Definitive Guide


I am sure that you have noticed a lot of things going on recently in the WordPress community!

Well, it is regarding WordPress 5.0 release along with the new block-based content editor, Gutenberg.

WordPress 5.0 has introduced some big upgrades this year. In addition to it, Gutenberg is considered as the first step towards the future!

But before we move ahead and dive into the deep knowledge about Gutenberg WordPress Editor.

WordPress 5.0 Release – What’s New, Updates & Features [With Screenshots]


WordPress 5.0 came out on December 6th. It is the major release of WordPress in 2018 and brought some big upgrades by introducing the new block based post editor. Popularly known as Gutenberg. When I heard about it the very first time, tons of questions were popped in my mind – Should I update to WordPress 5.0? Is now the right time to update? Will my site work with Gutenberg? […]

How to Edit wp-config.php File in WordPress?


Have you read a blog post across the internet asking you to edit wp-config.php file of your WordPress website? Well, you must have! Because wp-config.php is one of the most important files you encounter while WordPress installation. You need to edit it for many reasons which include security, database settings, and other configuration details. This article will give you an exact idea of “How to properly edit the wp-config.php file in […]

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