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Mayank Majeji is the Co-founder & Developer at TheMaverickSpirit. A full stack developer who loves working with WordPress! Develops Themes & Plugins that have one common goal - Keeping it as simple as possible for users to manage them comfortably!!

How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche for Your Blog? [4 Steps to Follow]


Before starting a blog the first question that strikes the mind is what one must blog about? For running a successful blogging site you need to identify your goal and choose the prefect profitable blog niche or topic. Every blog niche has its own targeted readers who search for content related to their interests. In this article, I am going to share some tips on how to choose the perfect […]

How To Optimize Your Website For Mobile SEO?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has completely ruled the last decades for websites. Till date, there are a lot of people who are still unaware, struggling, or trying several strategies of SEO for their websites.  And now it’s Mobile SEO to add more spices to the party. According to which you need to optimize your website for Mobile devices as your website rankings are going to depend on mobile too.   Well, […]

The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide – 27+ Tips to Keep Your Website Secure!


Before starting our guide on WordPress Security, let’s take a quick look at few stats related to WordPress in 2019 – WordPress powers 34% of the web today including business and news websites to blogs on – technology, fitness, personal coach, and lifestyle. WordPress has over 60% market share among all the CMS available in the market. Almost over 500 websites are getting build each day using WordPress. WordPress has […]

WP Rocket Review – Best WordPress Caching & Speed Optimization Plugin


Everybody hates slow websites! Whether it’s you, your website visitors or Google!  If your website loading speed is slow it could – impact on your business revenue. force visitor to abandon your site which could be a possible reason to traffic drops. marks a negative impact on SEO and thus affects your Google page rankings on search results. a bad user experience which could lead them to visit your competitor’s […]

How to Install a WordPress Plugin? [Step by Step Guide for Beginners]


After a successful WordPress installation and essential settings configuration, plugin installation is the next important step. But why? and what is a WordPress plugin anyway? Why do you need WordPress plugins on your WordPress website? In this post, you’re going to know the importance of WordPress plugins and four methods to install them on your WordPress website. So let’s dive in right away. What is a WordPress Plugin? A plugin […]