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Hi there, I am Ankita Arya, a full-time blogger and the founder of TheMaverickSpirit.

I am a religious girl who believes in Karma! The eldest daughter to my parents, water baby who has a sweet tooth, big-time dog lover, and a hardcore Gadget lover.

Traveling and outing with loved ones is a great motivation of mine to drag my lazy ass out of bed.

About TheMaverickSpirit (TMS)

TheMaverickSpirit is the place where I write everything about blogging and shares all the things I have learned about it and still learning on this journey. [Yes, that includes - How I make money from it]

Well, I am a keen individual who is curious enough to try different things. One such curiosity landed me to the launch of TheMaverickSpirit.

As, my academic background always revolved around computer science and information technology. I have done my Masters from University of Bedfordshire (UoB).

Later, I worked in an IT firm and learned about so many interesting things apart from coding like - WordPress, SEO, content marketing, email and social media marketing.

Since I am a fast learner! I made a vigorous growth in bringing up the sessions and revenue generation for respective products and services of the company.

I still wanted to try many things but there were limitations when someone is above you (The Boss!)

That was it! I decided to be my own Boss. Quit the job and launched TMS on December 12, 2016.

TMS was launched to show people that - Yes! You can Quit your 9-5 job and follow your passion. Live a wonderful life while working from any part of the world.

With serious dedication, consistency and perfect strategy, you can do wonders and earn a lot of money from your blog.

TheMaverickSpirit has given me a lot!! A freedom to live life on my own terms. Done various trips on both domestic and international level. Purchased a lot of high-end stuff and gadgets which earlier I can only dream for!

I am working on new things too. But will reveal this part later…

Till then, you can explore the blog where you will get interesting articles on How to start a blog and earn money from it. Grab some exclusive deals here.

That’s it for now.

Happy Blogging!
Ankita Arya
Fountain Head of TheMaverickSpirit

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