Blog Anniversary – 2 Years of Blogging!

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Today we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of TheMaverickSpirit.

Yes! 2 years ago on the same day, 12th December, we started our blogging website. 

It has been a long and crazy second year and we can’t believe how much this blog has grown and how much we have learned.

Cheers to all of the hard work that we have put into this lovely space.

TheMaverickSpirit Story

Back in 2016, we planned to launch our website, and booked our domain and hosting from CloudWays. We got our blog TheMaverickSpirit live on this very day i.e. 12th Dec for $45.

There was a lot of planning and brainstorming going into the blog launch. At this time writing a blog, we have realized that drafting a post requires a lot of work.

From pre-launch to now, it really hasn’t stopped. And even after two years, it is still so much fun and something awesome we look forward to every day.

We like to celebrate every little accomplishment to big achievement on our journey with you.

And why we should not share? After all it takes all the late nights and hard work to achieve them.

You can check out our whole story on our About Page.

TheMaverickSpirit Updates

A Quick Summary Of Our 2 Years’ Work

After the launch, we faced and passed a lot of hurdles in the starting months of our blogging just like any other beginner. Of course, these things were important and we feel blessed as we learned many important lessons from them!

We earned our first affiliate income in August 2017.

We redesigned TheMaverickSpirit in September 2017, to make it more conversion optimized, giving visibility to important pages and much more. This was the turning point for our website and there is no looking back since then.

We received a lot of emails and in-person appreciation for our website’s new design.

That’s when people started to contact us for – website development, problems, and issues they were facing with their websites, etc.

While working on this situation, we got the idea to launch our first product – ThemeMantis – A WordPress Theme Store.

Blog Stats for 2 Years –

We’ve published over a 100 blog posts in the last 2 years out of which many of them are ranking on the first page on Google.

So, our website is receiving over 78% Organic Traffic out of the total traffic with 50K+ Monthly page views.

Blog Audience – We’ve blog readers from 168 countries around the globe out of which our largest audience comes from India, the United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Pakistan, Germany & Australia.

In the last couple of months, we have been approached by many digital & PR agencies, and other bloggers.

Ever since we have made an amazing connection with many Affiliate partners and fellow bloggers.

Most Popular Blog Posts of TheMaverickSpirit

How We Monetize From Our Website?

We know many of you wonder on – “How we make money from our blog?”

This is a very controversial topic as our families kept asking the same question to us!

We believe that one should not start with the intention to make money. If you start a blog you need to be authentic and genuine to your blog audience.

By doing so, you increase your popularity and branding visibility gradually with time.

We almost turn down 95% of any offers for sponsored posts or even people asking for us to add a link to our existing blog posts or listicles.

We always support the best tools and services that will give benefit our readers in one way or another. We would never want to lose the trust of our readers by suggesting tools that lack quality and performance.

That being said, the amount of money we could make from this blog would be significantly more if we took every offer or even reduced our acceptance rate by a little bit.

We hope this clears some questions for all of you.

TheMaverickSpirit Earning Stats

We earned our first affiliate income real soon after the launch of our website. It was in August 2017.

Our total income for this year is already over $12K so far and the figure is still rolling.

The More You Learn, The More You Earn! by Warren Buffett

New Year Plans – What’s Coming Next?

There are so many things that we’d like to do in the upcoming year, but it’s not possible to cover everything here as things will add up with time.

But to mention here are some important ones –

1. Monthly Updates –

We’ve already rolled out our monthly update category this month and we will be publishing a post each month in which we will give you a quick recap of the whole ongoing of our website.

We will publish our first monthly update post in January 2019.

You can check out all the details on our Monthly Updates Post.

2. Guest Posting on other blogs and websites –

We’ve barely published blog posts on other websites till now.

But finally, the wait is over and we are planning to break this barrier in order to increase our brand visibility and connect more bloggers that share their creativity through blogs.

3. Web & ebook versions of our valuable content –

We have received a lot of requests from our readers requesting for ebooks on various topics we’ve covered so far.

We will be working on ebooks in the coming year and hopefully provide more insights to our readers.

4. Giveaway Contests –

We love you (TheMaverickSpirit readers) and will always look for ways to make you happy.

We’ve collaborated with some awesome tools and service providers and planning to offer premium tools and services to our readers for free via Giveaway Contests.


Thank You, Everyone!

We fully believe in creating our own destiny and putting out in the world what we want. So there you have it. 

We can’t thank you enough for all of your support over the past year.

Thank you for reading TheMaverickSpirit.

We promise to toast a glass of champagne to all of you.

Lots of love,


Founders of TheMaverickSpirit

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