Services We Offer

1. Product or Service Reviews –

Want us to review your product or service?

Well, we would like to mention one thing clearly,

Reviews will be posted with full honesty so, if your product or service has loopholes we do say them clearly, and if it proves to be a masterpiece then we will feature it accordingly.

If you agree to this clause then,

Specify the following points clearly in your email so that we can make our mind to approach you quickly –

  • Who are you concerning the product/service?
  • Link to your website.
  • Will you provide free access to your service(with all features unlocked) so that we can review it without any constraint?
  • Let us know if you have any specific requirements.
  • The compensation plans for our work with an advance payment.
  • Do you have any issue if we opt for your affiliate program which in no case will relate to the compensation fee offered to our work?

Incomplete request won’t be entertained.

2. SEO/Digital Marketing Advice –

Own a website or have a product/service but unable to earn the amount you should?

If you are nodding your head reading this, I am glad that you are here!

We would work on the mistakes that are –

  • Stopping you to rank higher in Google,
  • Getting visibility on the web and,
  • Unable to drive decent traffic which could help you to increase sales and revenue.

Check your website’s page speed from Google Page Insights Google Page Insights.

So, how much do you got? If it is low, then we can assist you with the following points –

1. Server side optimization

  • Server optimization includes issues like Leverage browser caching, Gzip Compression, Server response time etc

2. Website Optimization (In terms of coding & SEO)

  • Minification of HTML, CSS, JS files etc
  • Images should be optimized according to the viewport size & orientation

State your website and the issue along with the specific requirements if any in the email.

According to which we will contact you with a full proof plan to get you out of the problem.

3. Website Customization –

You heard it right 🙂

We have a great Web Developer Expert! To give you a quick look to ensure his work quality refer “TMS”!!

The site developed all from scratch to dynamic by incorporating various eye-catching transitions & animations.


If you are loving the look and feel of TMS and wanted to have the same (or as per your requirement) then mention these points in an email to get a quick reply-

  • Niche on which site has to be developed.
  • Reference of sites you want your site to look alike.
  • Duration in which you wanted to get it done.
  • Pricing Budget (It can vary according to customization requirement).

At last, you get 6 months/Lifetime support FREE but will be charged if you would like to customize the site further.

Well, if you have a WordPress theme and looking for someone to install it for you? Then, have a quick look at our Free WordPress blog installation service guidelines.

4. Logo Designing –

This is the new service we are providing on TMS!!

We have a new joining of a Graphic Designer on our team who has created logos and banners for many popular brands.

  • So if your business is ready to launch..

..head over to create a standout logo and make sure customers remember you!!

What will you get from us? Shoot an email to us covering your requirements so that we can discuss things further.