11 Best, Free and Pro LSI Keyword Research Tools to Rank Higher in Searches


Today I’ll be sharing some best free LSI keyword research tools to rank higher in Google searches. As I have discussed in my last article how long tail keywords helps you to improve your web ranking and traffic. So, I am assuming that you are aware of the importance of using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords in your content! Without talking much about LSI again I am heading towards.. ..the list […]

LSI Keywords – How to Find & Implement Smartly for SEO


A few days back while I was updating my TMS facebook page a query popped up in one of my recent post stating – what are LSI keywords? Are they important for on-page SEO?  How do searches relate to target keyword help in better search engine rankings? Though I cleared the query at that time but later on.. ..I felt people often get confused between the target keywords and semantic […]

Top 3 Best & Popular WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster Platform


WordPress is known to be number one content management systems (CMS) among others for a reason. It’s handy, simple in use and helps you create brilliant projects with almost no effort from your side. Therefore,  while choosing a ready-made WordPress template, we often look up for the reviews of others – – what they say about the template provider and about the WordPress theme in particular. So basically what we […]